The Virginia Adult Day Health Services Association (VADHSA) is an organization that is promoting and supporting adult day health services as a key community-based option for long term care in Virginia.

We seek to:

  • Educate consumers and providers about the benefits of adult day service programs
  • Develop public policy positions related to adult day services for legislative advocacy and action
  • Provide training of personnel in the area of adult day services
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to prospective and existing adult day services programs
  • Collect and analyze data to ensure quality of care and to anticipate future service needs

VADHSA was originally founded in 1978 as VIAD (Virginia Institute of Adult Daycare) by adult day service provider agencies and other professionals. VADHSA is proud to be associated with the Virginia Coalition for the Aging, National Council on Aging, and the National Adult Day Services Association.