Caregiver Stress Reduced With Adult Day Health Care

The results of a Pennsylvania State University study are in and show that Adult Day Health Care programs provide measurable benefits to participants, as well as the family caregivers who care for them at home.

Penn State conducted the study to better understand how these programs impact caregiver stress levels, and Fairfax County caregivers were among those who participated.

The study tracked the amount of stress hormones in each caregiver’s saliva and found the levels were less on the days that their loved one attended adult day health care programs than on days that they did not attend. The research also showed that caregivers had fewer care-related stressors, more positive experiences, and better emotional well-being.

“It was very exciting for me to see scientific evidence about our program,” said Fairfax County Adult Day Health Care Program Manager Jennifer Robinson. “This research confirms what we’ve been hearing all along from our caregivers.”

“We were thrilled that caregivers from Fairfax were able to participate in this study,” she added. “They helped to illustrate the importance of our program.”

The Adult Day Health Care program may be a good choice for loved ones who need care and supervision during the day due to changes in cognitive and/or physical function, yet wish to continue living at home.

If you or someone you know is a caregiver who may benefit from their loved one attending an Adult Day Health Care program, please feel free to contact one of VADHSA’s members who might be convenient to you or the caregiver.

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