For Providers

Good Afternoon Current VADHSA Members,

The Virginia Adult Day Health Services Association extends an invitation to you to renew your membership for 2015. Membership is for one calendar year and can be held by center representatives (voting) and other interested parties.

VADHSA has grown to include more than thirty two (32) centers statewide. We are concerned with the development of adult day services through education, planning, public policy development, research and evaluation. Professionals, like yourself, meet to pool resources and share ideas in order to achieve the association’s goals. Reports are given at statewide meetings, held every other month to update all members on the successes and challenges of providing care in our communities. We are often the spokesman association for issues concerning adult day services in Virginia.

Some of the membership benefits of VADHSA are:

Legislative awareness and involvement
Workshops and training sessions
Opportunity to communicate and network with other people in the Adult Day Services field via email discussions and area and state meetings.
Links with the national association and other providers of services to adults in long-term care.
Link on the VADHSA website
Participation in research and information projects to better manage your resources.
There is strength in numbers! We could achieve even more with your ideas and support.

To become a member, please complete the Membership application that is attached to this email.

Please submit these applications to me:

Ila Schepisi
102 Wallace Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

with checks made payable to: VADHSA.

Once I have received your application and payment I will send you a welcome letter including important dates and your membership certificate.

I look forward to another year with working with you,

Ila Schepisi,

VADSHA Membership Chair

Thank you,
Virginia Adult Day Health Services Association